King David's Serenade by John Lawrence Gillis

The Shepherd, original artwork by  Carlo Scherer

The Shepherd, original artwork by Carlo Scherer

Imagine King David
  restless through the night
  wrestling with a military decision.

It's been months since he's touched the harp of his youth.
His duties have consumed every moment.

Finally, the King's decision comes, but seconds later, he sees its flaws.

  And suddenly...
  he can no longer bear the distance

  from his Lord and Shepherd.

He bolts from his bed
  and gently removes his beloved instrument from its place of honor.

He tunes it, tenderly, as he climbs to his favorite view of Jerusalem ...

  from "the roof of the King's house" (2 Sam. 11:2)

And then, from the heights of Zion...

  beneath the brilliance of "Arcturus, Orion and the Pleiades" (Job 9:9)

King David serenades his Lord and Shepherd

  with the love songs of his youth.